Why Local Real Estate?

Why BUY or SELL With Local Real Estate?

Choosing your Real Estate Agent or Team, is the MOST important decision you will make when buying or selling a home. Your choice will determine whether you sell your property for TOP dollar, or struggle with the sale.  Or whether or not you find the right place at the right time, within your budget.

Our approach to selling homes and helping buyers find a home is simple. We consider each home like an investment.

There are 3 Things that are very important to us

  • Sell for Top Dollar/ Buy at the best price without losing the purchase
  • Sell as quickly as the client wishes/  Spend as much time as the buyer needs to find the right property
  • Give our clients the best possible experience.

Our full service listing program will take the stress away from selling your home because you’ll have an entire team of real estate experts at your disposal that can help with any issue that may arise during the sales process.

Our team helps guide buyers from start to finish, through the process of purchasing a home.  

You want marketing that not only reaches local buyers, but also out-of-town buyers, and we can provide this level of exposure for you when you sell property through Local Real Estate.

When buying a piece a property, you want an agent that scours listings on a daily basis, is resourceful and able to react quickly when a property of interest hits the market.  

You want a team of real estate experts to help you sell your property or find property to buy. You want a team that won’t miss your calls and cultivates a quality working relationship with you and everyone else involved in the transaction. You want a team that has direct access to the broker for immediate help with problem solving and finding creative solutions to address buyer and seller concerns the minute they arise.  If you want a dedicated team of real estate professionals in North Idaho, then you are in the right place.